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The 3-D Revolution A new design era explodes on campus. Prattfolio (pdf)

Feature> Going Mod? Atlantic Yards could bring the tallest modular construction building in the world to Brooklyn. The Architect’s Newspaper

Polishing the Necklace Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway restored by city, feds. The Architect’s Newspaper

View From the Bridge A profile of NYC City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden. Architecture (pdf)

Francis Parker School A review of a Los Angeles school that melds with its setting. Architect

The Coast of Resorts and Rubble The tiny breakaway republic of Abkhazia is a treasure trove of architectural gems. A war damaged many and neglect threatens the rest. Moscow Times (pdf)

Easy Living: A Couple of Architects Kick Back in Hollywood A look at PA Award-winning home designed by Linda Pollari and Robert Somol. Architecture (pdf)

Tyranny of the Contest There may be more competitions in the United States than ever before, but is the playing field level? Architecture (pdf)

Coming of Age on the Charles  Massachusetts Institute of Technology remakes itself in the name of community. Architecture (pdf)

Lament for a Landmark A look at an idiosyncratic, post-War Chinese hangout on the Massachusetts coast. Standard Times

Talking Trash With Julie Bargmann The landscape architect speaks about her process, competitions, and reclaiming postindustrial urban sites. Architecture (pdf)

About Pratt An overview of the 125-year-old art and design institute. (pdf)